Experience & Competence for more than 90 years

FGH GmbH is a company of electricity industry, which locates in Mannheim and Aachen. It is a commercial subsidiary company of FGH e.V., that has more than 90 years’ experience in the area of electrical power supply and energy industry. Today, FGH is one of Germany´s leading companies in the area of grid integration of renewable energies and other dispersed suppliers and main contract partner for the electrical industry.

FGH GmbH´s offers range from technical consulting services on grid analysis and grid integration of generating plants, engineering of FRT test systems, up to individual software solutions for network calculation and interruption analysis. All these services are offered in national as well as international context. Our rich experience combined with the professional competence of our employees guarantees the highest quality and technical precision of our services.

FGH Group

FGH Group offers system operators, manufacturers, plant operators & project developers customised solutions in the entire field of electrical power supply and power industry. The close collaboration with universities and other research organisations ensures that the latest scientific knowledge is transferred into practice. Already since 1921, FGH establishes new standards worldwide in the area of security and quality for transmission networks and distribution networks worldwide.

A unique network of expertise

FGH Group is providing a unique network of experts, which is the base for the technical precision and high quality of the offered services. Customers benefit from the long-term experience and outstanding competence of the engineers inside of FGH group.